"Touch was never meant to be a luxury. 

It is a basic human need."



Located in the heart of Port Angeles, To Live Well Massage was created with the purpose of making a difference and helping people in their everyday life. Understanding that massage can release tension, increase circulation, decrease pain, and improve postural alignment, Susana offers a variety of professional massage services customized for each individual.



"Having done a lot of massage in 70+ years and with many very good therapists, I was blown away by Susana's amazing therapeutic skills! First I had a couple of heavenly restorative massages! But then, because my body was experiencing pain in several chronic areas (all connected, of course:), I asked Susana if she could go for it. And her targeted healing work blew me away!!! She followed each sore area to its sources, with acuity, yet with gentleness. She was obviously in close conversation with my body about what it needed the whole time - and my body responded very positively! My respect for Susana's healing knowledge and intuitive touch are immense!!!"